French coastline Villa

Just west of Bordeaux, the tranquil Villa La Tosca, with her feet ‘tucked in the water’ is discretely situated in the heart of the serene Arcachon Bay. La Tosca’s prestigious luxury accommodation and exemplary service in an environment of the reinvigorating atmosphere of marine life and pine forests guarantee a deep feeling of well-being and promises guests time-out from their daily affairs. Villa la Tosca is the perfect hideaway for; guests seeking time with their family or friends, physical and mental wellness, politicians in need of a change of environment to discuss their strategies, or even musicians/artists longing for the perfect location from which to compose their next masterpiece. In a region renown for gastronomic delights – locally farmed oysters, fois gras, caviar and of course the finest of fine wines the world has to offer, guests can enjoy a journey of gastronomic discovery that sets the taste buds tingling, the palate sated.  


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