Trip to Canada

Canada, a country with culture and a magnificent nature.  A mix of impressive landscapes , great cities with a European flair.  Whether you want to travel by train, track polar bears, or wend your way through the Rockies, Canada is the place. Discover Vancouver, the mountains Whistler and Blackcomb, ideal for all sport outdoor lovers.  The mountains offer activities in the winter as in the summer Seaton. Visit Vitoria, Montreal, Quebec ..  Montréal is as romantically traditional as it is cutting-edge innovative, as cosmopolitan dynamic as it is small-town friendly. Family Adventures take in some of the country’s famous national parks and feature flightseeing trips, eco-activities, and yacht-based explorations. Canada’s vast wilderness allows for infinite Wildlife Encounters. Other Trips of a Lifetime take in sightseeing highlights such as the Gulf Islands or Niagara Falls, unique events like the Calgary Stampede, or remote retreats.


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