Remota Lodge

Remote it is a refuge of world class in the vast Patagonia. It 72 rooms of 33 square meters each one and wide areas dedicated to the leisure, the reading and the contemplation, tempered swimming pool, saunas and Jacuzzis, shop, bar, lounges and certainly a dazzling restaurant that offers the best food. This work, it has been designed by the intention that our visits live and feel the Patagonia, also from the interior of the building. A hot ecological refuge connected with the exterior, inspired by the former Patagonian sheds of bell inclined by the wind. The strategic location of Remote allows to be to an equidistant distance of all the places of interest, managing to explore the abundant natural richness of the Chilean Patagonia that contains The Towers of the Paine, mountains, glaciers, forests, rivers, lakes, natural life, paleontological, fossil remains and many other attractions.


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